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Steps For A Party Makeup

Only fancy clothes and shoes will not get you the look you’re aiming for. You need a little touch of makeup, it will get you desired party looks every time. Your makeup should be apt and fit the criteria of the social event you’re headed to. Here are the tips you need to make that happen.

The Party Looks

For your face :

  • You need to have a face that is devoid of all such impurities and especially last day’s makeup. Wash your face with a facewash that suits your skin. If you’re running out of time then wipe it off with a wet tissue or towel.
  • Apply a small portion of moisturizer on your face. This will help to restore your natural oils. You might want to use a moisturizer that doesn’t block your pores.
A Simple Party Makeup
  • You need to apply primer for the next step. Take a small portion of primer and merge it well. You’re advised to apply primer so that when you’re out late for that party of yours it will help to keep your makeup intact rather than washing it off. Always apply it in a small portion and wait for a while so that it blends in well.
  • The next step is to apply foundation with a hand, sponge or brush. Put a small portion of it on your nose, forehead, chin and cheeks. Blend it properly. You need to put it on your neck as well. Also choose a foundation that suits your skin type.
  • Party is all about pouting and posing for pictures and to make your cheekbones stand out apply blush on them.

For your eyes :

First step is eyeshadow. Make your eyes sparkle. Your eyeshadow can bring out the colour of your eyes. Choose accordingly.

Party Makeup And Hairstyle At Home
  • If you have black, brown or hazel eyes then go for pastel shades, blues, copper, purple, metallics.
  • If you have blue eyes you can apply champagne and coral shade of eye shadow.
  • If you have green eyes go for those that have a bit of shimmer.
  • For stunnig party looks, you can apply your eyeshadow under your lower lid as well.
  • Apply kohl or liner on your lower eye lid and for the party looks go for the ‘cat-eye’ style effect on your upper lid.
  • Don’t forget to give your lashes the volume and length with a mascara.

For your lips :

Party looks demand bold and sexy lip shade so choose one that agrees with your skin tone.

  1. For fair skin type use a shade that is gold based brown, coral or that of berries.
  2. For medium complexion use red, bright or the shade of deep berries.
  3. If your skin resembles that of olives go for brick red, tan, medium shades of plum.
  4. If your skin tone is dark reach out for mulberry, ruby, deep plum, candy apple, garnet red, rich brown or copper peach nudes.

The date look.

The special night that gets you all riled up and you sometimes over do it. Make sure you keep it simple and light. Don’t go for something that disturbs the balance and makes you look different than you usually do.

How Do A Party Makeup

  • Clean your face well and make sure you take a shower before.
  • A good amount of moisturizer is needed right after your bath. Apply it all over your body. Even the areas you miss out your ankles, feet and elbows.
  • Use an oil free based primer to help you from sweating.
  • Also, use a concealer that will work wonders on your acne and blemishes. Gatsby Shoes for women
  • If you want to apply some eyeshadow then go for blue, orange based, black, emerald,gray, sapphire or amethyst. Make sure you’re only letting your eyes do the wonder when you apply shades like this.
  • If you want it simple and sophisticated forget about eyeshadow and eyeliners. Instead work on your eyelashes and give them some volume. You can even use fake lashes that are easily available.
  • You can knock him down with your bold lipstick shade. A dark coloured lipstick with matching lipliner will look great. Merge the lipstick and lipliner well. Keep in mind that go for minimal makeup for the rest of your face.
  • Even better is just highlighting your cheekbones. Apply some shimmer and only highlight your cheekbones keeping the rest of your face neutral.

The office look :

Your daily formal wear will be complete only when you mix it up with makeup. Get ready to learn.

  1. You want to look powerful and in control in your office environment. It might sound absurd but go for a darker shade of lipstick and keep the rest of your face clean and devoid of any magic.
  2. A lot of foundation,glitter or shimmer eye shadow, smokey eyes, heavy eyeliner or glossy lipstick is a big no-no for your office surrounding.
  3. You can apply peach colored eye pencils as an alternative for your daily eyeliner. Go for long lasting bold and matte shades.

These are a few easy ways to get a grip on what to do to your face before you head towards your office, parties or a special night with a special guy.

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