How To Apply False Eyelashes – An Ultimate Guide

Faux lashes have become the new fashion trend. It gives the eyes a fuller and more defined look, highlighting the shape of the eyes and adding an element of flair to it. Several different types of fake eyelashes are available to makeup users. Each of these can be used in different ways to create effects […]


How To Apply Concealer – A Step By Step Guide

We all know that foundation works great in even out the skin tone, but sometimes just applying foundation is not enough. Like if you want to hide dark spots, acne, pimples and dark circles, you need something additional that works better than foundation. Here comes the concealer which is considered as the best product to […]

How To Apply Concealer

How To Apply Black Eye Makeup – Easy to Follow Guide

Black eye makeup with black or dark eye shadows is preferred by many divas to give that sexy and mysterious look to their personality. Previously, many women strictly said no to black eye shadows, but with the change in the beauty and fashion desires, black eye makeup has marked its place these days, mostly for […]

How to apply black eyeshadow makeup

7 Best Holiday Party Makeup Ideas

Holidays- that time of the year when you can truly less lose and be yourself. It is obvious then, that you would love to dress up, party and look your very best while doing so. A lot of you might find yourselves deep in a pile of fashion and beauty magazines looking to curate the […]

How To Wear Makeup For Beach Wedding

A beach wedding is a dream of every woman, and why does it not? The warm sunshine, sparkling sand, clear sky, sound of ocean waves, and fresh salty air make the wedding occasion romantic. Also, these are the reasons for choosing a beach wedding to have a natural background for a wedding album. If you […]