Best Makeup For Women Over 40 – Tips and Tutorials!

Ladies, always keep in mind that beauty has no age limits. But, when you are getting older or enter your 40s, your skin starts changing dramatically. It is due to the loss of collagen and elasticity. We can’t ignore the fact that aging is completely natural, but with some makeup tips for women over 40, […]

Makeup For Black Women – Tutorial to Get Stunning Looks!

Gone are the days when dark-skinned women hardly got anything over the internet to improve their makeup skills. These days you can find plenty of tutorials for black women to apply makeup in the right way. Everyone loves graphic liner, smokey eyes, and a perfect look, no matter whether you are going to attend a […]

How to Apply Halo Eye Makeup Like A Pro

Are you a makeup enthusiast? Do you love to try new makeup trends? If yes, you might have come across ‘Halo eye makeup’. Do you know that with every season, there comes a new makeup trend? Many of you might have seen the term ‘halo eye makeup’ and might also have gone through articles discussing […]

Makeup For Work From Home – Quick Ideas & Tips!

Many women are working from home for a couple of months. Whether we are in the office or working from home, most women are self-conscious about their looks, especially when they have to attend Zoom meetings or other online video calls. It is very obvious that when it comes to business meetings through video calls […]

work from home makeup

Makeup for Chubby Face – Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Just because you have a chubby or round face does not mean you cannot make out the best from your makeup. The women with chubby face should feel lucky because fuller cheeks not only make them look youthful but keep them stay looking younger for many years to come. If you want to make your […]

Makeup Tips for Chubby Face