4 Oxymoronsin Beauty That Will Bring Change To Your Life

Buying expensive products, visiting parlors every now and then, taking tips from the experts an always stressing on the kind of beauty you own – there can be many definitions to creating your beauty. We all keep stressing about maintaining our looks and try to do even the craziest of things to ensure that we […]

Perfect Beauty Tips

Tips And Tricks To Quit Bad Beauty Habits!

Waking up at 3 am and binging on the left-over cake slice, sleeping till late, pulling an all-nighter without removing your makeup or even smoking one more puff – though the idea seems exciting they all are a cause of worry to your skin! Our skin is a reflection of what goes inside us. The […]

5 Steps That You Must Follow To Look Like A Diva After Office

As soon as the sun falls down there are brighter plans coming up each day! With the kind of busy lives we live it is a wonder that we make time for so many things in a day! The busy schedules at the office, the meetings, juggling to run back home and planning for the […]

What Do Divas Look Like

10 Bogus Beauty Rules You Should Break (And 5 You Must Follow)

Every girl who loves to experiment with her looks and try makeup has gone through a time when they had no idea about these mystery boxes and tried them for the first time. From the instructions that taught to apply different shades at different regions, choosing the oil free products, and shades that always glittered […]

Makeup Rules

Work Your Magic On Your Guy With Best Beauty Looks For Date Night!

When you are planning for a date, you absolutely need to look your best. After all it is a special outing with your special guy! However, dressing up for a date can be pretty tricky. With all the adrenaline rush going on, you are very likely to make all the wrong choices. But who doesn’t? […]