Best Halloween Eye Makeup Ideas To Romp Up Your Creepy Allure

Jul 04, 2018 by Herry Chaudhari

The chill in the air which is characterized by the month of October brings with itself the essence of upcoming holiday season which starts with Halloween. On this day, pagan folklore mixes up with superhero fantasies to paint the town in vibrant hues of overflowing creative juices. There was a time not very long ago when Halloween masks and costumes were the sole means of salvation during those trick-or treating episodes. But if those days are well behind you, then you need to master the invigorating trend of Halloween makeup ideas to frighten your friends with the natural yet creepy avatars.

Today, we will take you through some of the most trending Halloween eye makeup ideas which can surely get the ball rolling in your favor.

You can dab some red eyeshadow in a skilful manner under your eyes to depict bruises suffered in the aftermath of an exploration of the graveyard at night. An array of red shades might be required to depict the final look.

Amazing Halloween Eye Makeup

Contact lenses serve as the ultimate darling of Halloween eye makeup professionals. You can even merge whacky contact lenses with dark makeup to create a creepy look of an extra-terrestrial with black veins running down her cheekbones.

Halloween Eye Makeup Designs

Red-riding hood remains to be one of our all-time favourite fantasy characters. But did you even think how the pretty face of little red riding hood would look like if she encountered a wolf attack while travelling back to her forest hut? Well, you can pick up a cue and create a post-attack red riding hood look with bloody scars all over your face and white contacts for that eerie feel.

 Makeup Easy

Vampires have served as the inspiration of Halloween party mongers who wish to keep it old school and elegant at the same time. All you need to do is apply oodles of face power for getting that pale glow and opt for super smoky Halloween eye makeup coupled with dark under eye circles. For a realistic look, you can add a dash of red to your eyelids which can create an illusion of blood trickling down your eyes. Match it up with hazel contact lens and you are ready to rock the party.

Halloween Eye Makeup Looks

If you are already running late for the Halloween party and wish to keep it simple and sober, then you can give an extra edge to your winged eyeliner by drawing bat wings on the corner of your eyes and completing the whole look with blood red eye shadow.

Halloween masks might be fun and scary but can prove out to be irritating when worn over a long night. It might also get pretty hot under all that material and you might find it extremely difficult to make your voice heard amidst the external noise filling up the eardrums of your friends. Coupled with Halloween eye makeup, you can ditch the mask this year and opt for a scarier and exclusive look which can surely turn out to be the talk of the town.

Awesome Makeup

The best thing about these Halloween looks is that they are offered seasonally by the makeup salons in your neighborhood so that you can join the bandwagon of scary zombies and witches even if you do not have the artistic talent with brush stroke.

I hope you loved these best halloween eye makeup ideas and you’ll be going to rock in upcoming halloween party. Get more ideas here.

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