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Beauty Tips For Summer Skin

Summers are here! Sunshine and clear skies, pleasant evenings and starry nights. Is that all? Not really. Summers can Be Beautiful and horrible in its own way. Dry heat or massive humidity can take away all your summer fun. This is the reason you might be interested in this article. This article provides you with Basic Makeup and Beauty Tips for summer to beat the heat this year.

Cool and calm wins the race:

Your skin can get really worked up in summers. Make sure you have lots of water, lemon juice or fruits. This will cool you down from inside as well as outside. In case your skin feels sunburn or itchy, apply ice cubes to cool it down.

Beauty Tips And Tricks For Summer

Sticky hair? Well not anymore!

It is advisable to crop your hair a bit to avoid excessive sweating near your shoulders and neck. However, if you do have long hair, make sure you shampoo it more often than you regularly do in other seasons. You can always use a deodorant on your neckline to avoid regular sweating. You can use a hair spray to handle your fizzy hair as well.

Foot care is a must:

Summers make your feet very dry. You may develop blisters and some people develop cracks in their ankles. You need to wash your feet regularly. Immediately after the wash, apply some mild moisturizer or plain petroleum jelly to get rid of the dryness. You can use special creams to reduce the cracks in your skin as well. Avoid wearing bellies and shoes and stick o slippers and flip flops.

Beauty Tips For Summer

Some props do help!

Don’t like putting up Makeup? Not a problem at all but remember that sunscreen creams are not a part of Makeup. It is important to apply sunscreen before you go out in the sun if you want to stop your skin from getting burnt. Use an umbrella and shades if possible. This will save your eyes from the burning heat and sun rays.

Sun bagging:

Best Beauty Tips For Summer

Confused? Sun bagging is a technique whereby you can put on Makeup and also prevent it from turning into a disaster when you sweat. Just use some loose powder on the parts of your face which sweat more, after you have applied your makeup. The powder soaks the excess sweat and your make up stays intact.

I hope you loved these beauty tips for summer and you’ll use them to raise temperatures on the streets during summers. Get more ideas from Pinterest.

Apart from these, if you know any beauty tips for summer then please share them in the comments below.