Beauty Makeup Tips You Need To Know

May 05, 2017 by nishal shah

If you are not blending until your fingers bleed, then are you really even doing your Makeup correctly?

Before you freak out and close the tab, a little clarification, that was not literal. However, blending does play a major contributing factor in makeup! No matter what your status quo regarding the world of makeup, whether you are a novice or a pro, these Beauty Makeup Tips might just prove to be quite helpful for you!

1. The foundation that you wear is one of the most important steps in your routine, but where people make mistakes are that they keep reaching for shades way lighter than their actual skin tone which results in the face looking garish and ghostly.

Beauty Tips In Makeup

You can at the most go up to only one shade lighter while choosing your foundation shade to ensure that it does not end up looking like a cakey artificial layer on your face. Also blending your foundation for a seamless and smooth finish is necessary to get a clean, even campus to work on.


2. Set everything: one mistake that even the biggest makeup aficionados make, they do not set their base which leads the quicker breakdown and melting of the base leading to a greater fiasco. So it is better to set everything with powder to prevent that from happening.

3. Don’t follow trends blindly: just because that intense nose contour looks good on your favorite youtuber, there is no guarantee that it would equally look good on you. So in case of just replicating what you see blindly, stick to the reflection that makes you the happiest and most comfortable when you look even if it means just lip gloss.

Beauty Makeup Tips And Tricks

4. If you have texture, think twice before thinking about blinding people with your highlight. Because you might think it looks how it is supposed to, but chances are it would just lend to the emphasis of your kin texture and breakouts letting everything go to ruin.

Beauty Tips Applying Makeup

5. Don’t torture your lips too much: you might think you need as plump lips as kylie, but truth be told you really don’t! plump lips might look nice, but just because your lips are petite, you do not need to torture them. You can over line your lips a bit for that slightly pouty effect with a lipliner whose color is very close to your own skin tone. But by scrubbing your lips and trying to artificially plump them, you are perhaps causing more harm than good.