Beauty Hair Tips To Make Sure Your Hair Goes Nowhere

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Hair Beauty Tips At Home

A head filled with hair is every woman’s dream and when we see hairs on our combs, it breaks our heart. Believe me when I tell you ladies, a breakup wouldn’t be able to shatter you as a hairbrush filled with your precious hair would! Oh, the horror, the horror! So if you want hair care tips, these are your best options:

1. Oil your hair: does it sound gross? Well, chin up and oil it up! You know what they say, butter makes everything better, in the case of your hair it is oil! Coconut oil is your best bet if you have dry, Frizzy Hair. Almond oil is your best bet if you want Longer Hair in shorter time. And if nothing else works then there is always castor oil. And if you want denser hair, you could always use fenugreek seeds with coconut oil.

Beauty Hair Tips

2. Clean hair is the best hair: cleansing your hair with a shampoo that is actually formulated especially for your hair type might just be your best bet. Follow it up either with a nourishing conditioner or a hair mask to replenish the moisture that the shampoo might just have sucked out of your hair.


3. Less styling please: I get it, you wish to look like the model with wavy perfectly set mane! But do you have any idea, the amount of chemicals and heat that is responsible for it? When you use heat on your hair, it fries it up. Quite literally! Any negligence while styling your hair can lead to major damage. And repeated styling with heat inducing products would eventually go on to leave your hair completely lifeless. It also happens to one of the primary causes of split ends. And if it is absolutely important to use heat then make sure to use heat protect sprays. They lessen the damage to only a certain extent.

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4. A clean system: this might sound a tad gross, but nothing ruins the lustre, life and longevity of your hair than a messed up immune system as well as an unclean gut can create hair problems for you. So make sure to keep yourself hydrated and be on a balanced diet.

Beauty Tips Hair And Makeup

5. Brush your hair: brush your hair but don’t torture it. Leave it to towel dry and then pat it dry. This not only detangles your hair but makes sure they don’t tear unnecessarily.