Beauty Care Tips To Never Let Go Of Your Beauty

May 04, 2017 by Hansy shah

A thing of beauty is a joy forever…or so they say! However, where the parameters and paradigms of beauty has undergone several changes over the course of the years, the construct of beauty has expanded and included in its horizon what was hitherto shunned! Notwithstanding the very debatable question of the definition of beauty, we can happily say, everyone is beautiful and nobody should be allowed to tell anyone otherwise. Having said that, here are some tips which you could follow if you would like to prolong and elevate what has been naturally given:

Beauty Care Tips Home

1. The three-step system: ask any beauty expert or dermatologist or anyone having some knowledge of skincare, they will tell you that it is important, to cleanse tone and moisturise your face at least twice a day to maintain your natural elasticity, maintain the desired level of hydration and the ideal Ph balance of the skin. Of course, it is needless to say that you should of course select wisely the products keeping in consideration the type of your skin.


2. Sun is your worst enemy: always use sun protection before stepping out because the UVA and UVB rays of the sun, wreck havoc on your skin making way for untimely wrinkles and crow’s feet, not to mention unnecessary pigmentation.

Beauty And Skin Care Tips

3. Over use of makeup: wearing makeup is necessary albeit a necessary evil! No matter what brands might claim to lure you in with gimmicky titles, never forget that chemicals are never really good for your skin, no matter what one tells you. Moreover, it is not really feasible to wear makeup every day, because despite the non-comedogenic claims, makeup will clog your pores and if you do not remove it timely, it will break you out.

Beauty Care Tips At Home

4. Facial massage: no, I do not mean rushing off to the spa for a Skin Treatment, I am simply talking about massaging the face with some essential oil or massage cream with gentle strokes in the upward direction which increases blood flow and makes the skin supple! Olive oil is a known remedy to retain the smoothness of the skin.

5. Healthy habits: this is indispensable if you want clear, Beautiful Skin. Adequate sleep, some form of exercise and a balanced diet is important. Alcohol consumption and smoking does not really only take a toll on your liver and lungs, but it also has quite awful impacts on your skin too!