10 Bogus Beauty Rules You Should Break (And 5 You Must Follow)

Nov 27, 2017 by Dal Uplana

Every girl who loves to experiment with her looks and try makeup has gone through a time when they had no idea about these mystery boxes and tried them for the first time. From the instructions that taught to apply different shades at different regions, choosing the oil free products, and shades that always glittered to the time when the makeup hacks really made sense and started making the rightful difference to your appearance. The revelation came along the time and we all love the ways makeup turned out from being a blunder to discovering a way of life. Each one of us has some rules today which either bad or good – work for us!However, there are certain bogus beauty rules which needs to be broken ASAP – and here are a few!

Basic Makeup Rules

1. Oil free products for oily skin!

Undoubtedly, we all had a fair share of this knowledge to save us from pimples and breakouts or even hide that shiny glossy skin appearance. Well learning that some oil actually works for the oily skin and balances out the proportion of sebum in the skin – was a revelation. Using the right oil proportion in our products makes our oily skin appear and feel so much better!

2. Dark Lipstick makes you look Old!

The time has gone when the darker shades of lipsticks were for the women in forties and the lighter ones for the young girls. The current lipstick madness calls for every shade at every age brightening up your appearance so much that it’s addictive. Experiment your way with season’s trend like burgundy, grays and even blacks today!

Makeup Application Rules

3. Shampoo Daily!

Well Shampoo does no good to your hair anymore. Let it go! Time is here when people use dry shampoo and just wash their hair with conditioner for the perfect look. It does condition the hair well and leaves it perfect for styling. In fact, shampoo dries down the hair and makes them unmanageable!

4. No sleeping with wet hair

The age-old trick to save you from catching cold or hair breakage was a myth. In fact, when you wash your hair and sleep with some conditioner, you actually are able to style your hair. Braids, tied or just curls – sleep over with a style to find those perfect curls in the morning. That’s a magic now!

Makeup Rules And Tips

5. Heavy eyes-light lips

Shatter the rules of pairing heavy eye makeup with light lipstick shades, the time is here when bold looks best on bold. So, if its smoky eyes with a maroon lipstick – brownie points to you!

6. Don’t match lipsticks and eye shadows!

Why go with certain rules when you can flaunt a few shades well by pairing them. Pink on the eye and pink on the lips – sounds like a fairytale right! So why not make it? Pair up your eye shadows and lipsticks sometimes for a classic look!

Makeup Rules For Beginners

7. Skip mascara on lower lashes

Mascara on lower lashes was called as making the eyes look tired and sleepy – while actually it is a lot more brightening and sparkling to your eyes today! Go for it!

8. Lip gloss is for girls

Women over 30 were considered old for applying lip gloss and definitely not appreciated. Take it from us – for a casual day out, shopping or even clubbing a dash of gloss makes your smile happy!

9. No bright blushes!

Forget the rules just apply the brightest blush you want and own the look! Chances are you will dazzle your way and beat the blues!

Makeup Rules Step By Step

10. Don’t sleep with makeup on!

Definitely these have chances of causing breakouts and dullness on the face but how can we ignore the smoky smudged effect of the liners which only a sleep-on with make-up gives! Totally a try sometimes for a smudged look!

Rules You Must Follow!

1. Moisturize your skin with essential oils

Let your oily skin get the right oils and balance it out with nutrition. The extra oiliness shall wear off in someday giving you perfect nourished skin.

2. Experiment with lipsticks of your choice!

With lipsticks, there are no rules – like it, wear it!

3. Bold on bold!

Heavy makeup works well with heavy lipsticks – bold eye make-up shines with bright blushes and definitely makes you rock the look!

4. Don’t Conceal the pimples

Rule say that concealing pimples works for your daily life. Take it from us – air it sometimes and go low on concealer to cure them faster!

5. Cleanse-tone-moisturize

For best appearance of your skin, follow the cleaning, toning and moisturizing routine daily and thank us later!

Makeup and beauty is all about experiments- follow your heart & not the rules!